Submissions from 2008


Legacy of a Leader, Michael Staib

Submissions from 2007


U.S. Environmental Policy and Politics (2000 - 2007), Emily Gornell

Submissions from 2005

The US Auto Industry's Impact on America and the World, Charles J. Bilangino

The Female Gothic: Online Course, Kathryn Bohan

Thermodynamic Analysis oh Chiral Separations in Normal Phase HPLC, Cindy Chu

The Geometric Road to Relativity, Jael DeMarco

The Problem of Evil, Nicholas Esposito

Sustainable Development: A Civil Competency Study, Michael Gaspar

The FARS System of Accounting: A Case Study, Frank Giancamilli

The Patriot Acts: National Security or Totalitarianism, Deborah Heller

Technology and Ethics in the Workplace, Annmarie Holloway-Ekey

Management of Financial Distress: The Case of Macy’s Department Stores, Kahramon Juraboey

A Photographic Exploration of Arnold Newman, Melinda Kucsera

Language and Ethnicity in Eastern Central Europe: A Case Study of Hungary, Gabriella Melay

State of the World 2003: The Korean Peninsula, Kim Misevis

The Civil War Era: Women and War, the Limits of Expectations, Alissa Nevoso

Cost Analysis of Food-Patch, Daisy Pitre

Creation of Derivative Markets, Kunal Rambhia

A Depiction of Homelessness in New York City through Images and Words, Melissa Re and Christopher Walther

The Relationship Between Language and Reading Among Girls and Boys, Leah T. Rivera

Detecting Deceit: Fraud and the Forensic Accountant, Jessica Rubin

Histochemisty of Rat Aorta Suggests Activation of PDE4D in Balloon Angioplasty , Marisa Santikul

Masterpieces of Mosaic in Italy, Biljana Trivic

: The Free Trade Agreement Between Mexico and the European Union, Laura Tyring

The Nature of Mathematics Through Real analysis, Peter Von Oy

Connectivity Infinitum, Zubin Wadia

Advertising and America’s Youth, Allison Zacone