The US Auto Industry's Impact on America and the World


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Throughout the last century there has been a driving force in the American economy that has profoundly affected the many industries to which it is linked. The US automobile industry, now just over one hundred years old, has set the mold for the corporate structures of several US companies. It has affected the US and world, not only economically, but also politically and socially. The automobile industry, which once produced only several hundred cars a year, now produces over 57,000,000 cars worldwide annually. This paper examines the evolution and systematic impact of the auto industry by following the history and development of the Ford Motor Company. By looking at the last century, decade-by-decade, the ways in which the industry was affected by events of the time and how the industry influenced and even created some of these events can be seen. This study will show why this industry is so crucial to the economic and social stability in our country, world, and future.

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