The Patriot Acts: National Security or Totalitarianism


Only the ABSTRACT of this paper is being made available at this time. Original date of submission for this paper is 2003.

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September 11, 2001 forced the United States to reevaluate its national security measures. President George W. Bush first relied on Attorney General Ashcroft to make recommendations regarding how to better protect the United States. Ashcroft and others found them wanting. To ensure the protection of the U.S., Ashcroft proposed legislation known as the Patriot Acts which would: allow people to be detained without strong suspicion for much longer than previously allowed, eliminate attorney client privilege, and allow wiretaps to be obtained without reasonable suspicion and last longer than before. The claim was that all of these measures would protect us from terrorism. However, at what cost? I seek to research whether or not the Patriot Acts will truly protect us, or if they will merely harm us by eroding our Constitutional Rights.

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