A Depiction of Homelessness in New York City through Images and Words


Only the ABSTRACT of this paper is being made available at this time. Original date of submission of this paper is 2002.

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This project incorporated two fields of study, psychology and photography, into a single research project focused on the lives of the homeless. Dorethea Lange’s photographs inspired us to emulate her artistic style, for her images reveal the economic and social changes that took place in America during the Great Depression. She was a photographer who used her camera to evoke empathy rather than exploit the hardships of others. We chose to photograph homelessness on the streets as well as in a homeless shelter. Through this, we were able to speak to many homeless people, which allowed us to get a better perspective on what they were going through. We will show slides and tell the stories of some of the people we encountered in New York City. Ultimately, through relaying the life experiences of the subject in our images, we hope to depict the homeless in a way that shows them to be fellow human beings, instead of social outcasts and pariahs as they are often considered to be. We have donated all our photographs to the Annual United Way Auction at Pace University, where they were auctioned off.

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