Originally submitted by the author as a research paper for the Pfozheimer Honors College, April 26, 2007. Submitted to the digital repository of the Pace University Libraries, the Digital Commons, June 2007. Pace student, Michael Staib, presented a succinct summary of his 81 page analysis, entitled, “Legacy of a Leader” at the Pforzheimer’s Honors College Conference held May 1, 2008. He pursued this essay individually as a History Independent Research Paper under the tutelage of his professor and mentor Dr. Weigold for Honors credit. The Pforzheimer’s Honors Independent Research, reserved solely for Pace honors students, constitutes a 3 credit course followed by the Spring Conference, and thereby qualifies for Honors recognition. Students may designate an Honors Independent Research to fulfill their graduation requirement from the Pforzheimer’s Honors College

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This study assesses the historical legacy of former Commander-In-Chief and 40th President, Ronald Wilson Reagan. Research references Reagan’s formidable contribution to subsequent U. S. politics by analyzing his domestic and foreign policy. Ultimately, Reagan revolutionized the presidency and provided conservative reconstruction, restoring moral guidance to American society. Epitomizing the Roosevelt Corollary, the aphorism popularized by Teddy Roosevelt, “Speak softly, but carry a big stick,” Reagan followed an aggressive foreign policy. Exercising diplomacy, Reagan deterred those countries deemed dangerous, while preserving peace with amiable nations. Essay examines his ideological perspective, constitutional interpretation, executive appointment of Supreme Court justices, laissez-faire economic strategy, policy implementation, administrative style, preliminary exposure to modern terrorism driven by Islamic extremism, Cold War tensions, U.S.-Soviet Russia relations, Latin American involvement, Grenada invasion, Iran Contra, relationship with Pope John Paul II, and role in conquering communism. Analysis also includes biographical content to portray Reagan, his personality, and its influence on presidential initiatives.

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