The Eugene M. Lang Student Faculty Research Fellowship program provides support for individual undergraduate students to engage in collaborative research with faculty mentors outside of the normal classroom setting.

The Fellowship is designed to encourage undergraduate students who exhibit promise for advanced study and careers in research.

Students selected for this prestigious award devise and undertake worthy research projects in collaboration with Pace University faculty mentors. In most cases, the research projects completed by student-faculty teams culminate in publication and/or presentation at scholarly conferences.

Pace University gratefully acknowledges the generous contribution by the Eugene M. Lang Foundation in support of our outstanding students.


Submissions from 2022


Eugene M. Lang Student Research Experiences Newsletters 2001-2004, Uploaded by Jennifer Rosenstein

Submissions from 2006

South African Democracy and Prospects for Israel/Palestine: The Role of Marketing Politics", Rima Abdelkader

Predictive Robot Vision, Thomas Achtemichuk

Can Gene Silencing of PNUTS Inhibit Cancer Growth, Tara Sherry

Globalization, Urban Planning and Cosmopolitanism in Shanghai, China (1978-2004), Lien-Feng Wong

Submissions from 2005

The Structural Change in the U.S. Banking Industry, Andrey Androshchuk

Preparation and Investigation of Antimicrobial Alginate Wound Dressings, Jasmine Escalera

Sketching the Elephant – Using IRS Data to Investigate the Sensitivity of Nonprofit Organizations’ Donors to Efficiency Ratios , Kamini Mankaney

From Racial Contract to Social Contract: A Comparative Study of Post-Jim Crow America and Post-Apartheid South Africa, Ethan Phillips

Submissions from 2004

Layered Solids and Liquid Crystals: TetraChlorometallates of 1, 4 Diazabicyclo (2.2.2) Octane, Ada Gjyrezi

Impact of Acoustic Interference on Mate Choice in Treefrogs, Kenneth J. Huth

Living the 'American Dream': Korean War Brides in Suburban New York, Amy Lee

Extracts of African Plants as Potential Antitrypanosomal Agents, J'Ada M. Thomas

User Identification System (UIS) Module for Personal Virtual Assistant, Oleg Yunakov

Submissions from 2003

Studies of the Ammonium in the Biochemistry, Metabolism, and Host Cell Interactions of Trichomonads, Yekaterina Kleydman

Strategic Responses to Business Slowdown Due to the 9-11 Terrorist Attack, Lynn M. Liotta

Spirituality and the Beat Generation, Caroline Pomietlarz

Inhibition of Cancer Cell Growth by Activation of the PP1 Phosphatase, Eshwar Udho

Submissions from 2002

The Russian Dreiser: A Faculty-Student Research Project on Russian Attitudes Toward an Important American Social Protest Novelist, Jeanna Engelman

Plato and Xenophon on Socrates' Defense: Σωφροσυνη and Philosophy, Michal Klincewicz

Accounting Administrators' Cost/Benefit Assessment of Their 150 Hour Program: A National Survey, Tracy L. Magann

Interaction of Copper(I) and Nickel(II) Phosphine Complexes with The Hexaborate Anion, Paul Markel

Mother-Toddler Language Interactions in Dominicans In New York City: A Comparison of Dominican and American Mothers' Input to Toddlers During Play, Erin J. Oyster

Effect of Cellular Stress on the Cancer Protein, Retinoblastoma, Vivienne Tedesco