The Structural Change in the U.S. Banking Industry

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Our research set out to explore the changing structural conditions in the U.S. commercial banking industry. We studied and documented the changing number of banking institutions as well as the changing amounts of capital resources at their disposal. This is a significant area of study because of the dynamic changes taking place in the banking industry. Evaluating these changes can serve as the basis for evaluating future banking developments and the possible impact on society. We obtained our research materials by navigating through publicly available online resources as well as published texts and academic papers. Our research showed that the banking industry is rapidly consolidating due to changes in legislation. This means that the number of banks is shrinking while the amount of capital resources they control is increasing. Whether this is a good or a bad trend is uncertain. The impact of consolidation on the overall economy and society is an important topic that deserves further study.

Information about the Student Author

Class of 2006, Major: Finance and Accounting

Summary of Research Experience

Working on this project with Dr. Michael Szenberg has had a profound impact on me. This was a great experience which enabled me to learn new things as well as apply new knowledge in a constructive way. The most beneficial aspect of this experience was the close working relationship between Dr. Szenberg and myself. I was able to learn a lot from him. One important thing that I have learned is how to undertake a sophisticated research project: how to approach a problem to be investigated, how to gather relevant research on a particular problem from an abundant array of resources and then how to use that information to write an academic paper. This was a very painstaking, but at the same time a rewarding, process. I feel that by having Dr. Szenberg as my mentor, I was able to enhance my learning tools and to grow as an individual.

Dissemination of Results

Our paper was accepted for presentation at the Business and Economic Society International Conference, July 22-25, in Flagstaff, Arizona. It has now been selected for publication in the Anthology by the Business and Economics Society International at the end of 2005. This is quite an honor for me and Dr. Szenberg as only a select number of papers presented at the conference are chosen for publication in the Society’s journal. Speaking among professionals at the national conference was an exhilarating experience.

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Michael Szenberg, Distinguished Professor of Economics

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