Arthur M. Crocker Lecture, presented on Feb. 15, 2007, at the Center for the Forest Preserve, Niskayuna, New York. Includes bibliography of legal materials on the Adirondack Park compiled by Jack McNeill, Associate Director, Pace Law Library.

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Professor Robinson explores some of the evident, and also some of the less apparent legal implications that can be drawn from recognizing the implicit “land ethic” that resides within the “forever wild” conception of the Forest Preserve in New York’s Constitution. It is his thesis that the executive branch of State government, our Governors and most of our other State and local authorities, have observed the mandates of Article XIV most shallowly. They have ignored their stewardship duties to promote “forever wild forest lands.” Civic groups, and courts should not only concern themselves with the task of keeping government from evading the land ethic; rather we should be changing government to embrace the land ethic derived from this “forever wild,” both in the Adirondacks and Catskills, and as a role model throughout the State and nation.

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Adirondack Bibliography by Jack McNeill, Associate Director, Pace Law Library