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Interestingly, there is hardly any scholarship, and very little discussion, about the MacCrate Report outside of the clinical and skills programs in the traditional segments of legal education. I am not a clinician, although in the past I have taught courses in interviewing and counseling, and negotiations. I teach Law Practice Management and Professional Responsibility, which address professional skills and values; but I teach Torts as well, and my Torts colleagues, like teachers in other traditional subjects, really do not focus on these issues very much. So, one of the things I wanted to do with this symposium was to pull together a different set of speakers and a different group of people, other than those who have been discussing professional skills and values for the past decade. I tried to identify people who were not just teaching in clinics or skills, to bring in some new perspectives. If you look at the agenda for this symposium you will see that the speakers today come from a wide range of places, they have different perspectives, and, yet, they are all interested in skills and values.