The Balance of Payment Equilibrium Model, A Matter of National Determination & Leadership

Narendra C. Bhandari Ph.D., Pace University

Document Type Article


The U.S. continues to face balance of trade and payment deficits. There are several factors responsible for these deficits, as several techniques have been tried to alleviate them. These problems, however, have continued to worsen.

This research has the following objectives: (a) To present what I call, the balance of payment equilibrium model (bpe), and emphasize the need for numerical goals for international trade, to help solve the American balance of payment deficit problem; and help enhance the world prosperity; (b) To explain that dollar devaluation is not the real solution to the problem; (c) To suggest strategic initiatives to promote American exports; (d) To outline a new method of counting jobs; and (e) To present new ways to define the full employment level of a resource.