Dr. DiMeglio is a 2004 graduate of the Doctor of Professional Studies Program in Business at the Lubin School of Business. This paper was published as a Faculty Working Paper (no. 222) for the Lubin School of Business, Center for Applied Research, July 2006.

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The market and economic significances of business alliances are high, but so too are their failure rates. In an attempt to expand on the organizational knowledge regarding such failures (or successes) this paper identifies potential variables that may influence the ultimate success of such ventures. Absorptive and relational capabilities of organizations may be good indicators of alliance compatibility, depending on the size and nature of the industry. The central goal of this paper is to lay out variables and potential tools of measurement for AIQ and RIQ (AIQ = Absorptive Organizational Intelligence Quotient; RIQ = Relational Organizational Intelligence Quotient). Absorptive IQ and Relational IQ can be broken down into measurable components and a better understanding of what constitutes best partners may be formulated.