Volume 5, Issue 1 (2015) Spring 2015

The Forum, known colloquially to the Pace community as PIPSELF, celebrates its fifth anniversary. Since its inception, PIPSELF has grown in both size and stature, thanks to the dedication and determination of past and present Editorial Boards. The premier volume featured compositions compiled by and prepared for publication solely by the four founding members. Today, the journal comprises a fully staffed Editorial Board and a roster of Associate Editors.

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2014 - 2015 Editorial Board

Alexia Mickles
Managing Editor of Development
Rikki Bahar
Managing Editor of Productions
Seth Cotler
Acquisitions Editor
April Booker
Executive Articles Editor
Samantha Garrison
Technology Editor
Adam Blaier
Articles Editors
Sharleen Bailon
Kevin Diffley
Jennifer Pacheco
Associate Editors
Nikki Crewe
Vittoria Fiorenza
Josh Kaufman
Kathryn O'Connell
Samantha Osgood
Patrick Paul
Faculty Advisor
Prof. Leslie Garfield