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Let’s talk about Talkitt; Talkitt mobile application is a voice recognition and translation app that aims to help people with speech disabilities use their voice to communicate! The app is being designed and developed by a team of tech savvy students. Talkitt mobile app is different than all other voice recognition mobile apps of its kind. Talkitt mobile app will give newfound hope to those who suffer from speech impediments and speech disabilities. Far too many people who have speech disabilities are being excluded from society's digital revolution into the Age of Context. The Age of Context is a new and exciting time for most, but nevertheless a large part of society is being left behind. The mission of the Talkitt mobile app is to provide the digital equivalent of search and rescue services for those drowning in the Age of Context. Talkitt Developers care about saving lives and improving lives which is why we are working so diligently to make this innovative mobile app concept come to life! People who have speech impediments are unable to participate in societal trends due to the fact they remain unaccommodating to the disabled community. Talkitt aims to change that! The target market of the Talkitt app will be aimed at senior citizens who have developed a disease which resulted in a speech disability. Danny Weissberg, the CEO of Voiceitt has stated the ideal candidates as “Adults who suffered a stroke or have a degenerative disease such as ALS, Parkinson's, or throat cancer." The mobile app is currently being designed developed on both iOS and android platforms. Talkitt’s unique functionality will serve as light to seniors who are currently living without being understood and in the dark. Talkitt will provide a bridge to equal opportunities for people with disabilities, who are excluded, left behind, and restricted from technology and society’s main form of communication due to their disability. Talkitt will open new doors for people with speech disabilities and will directly supplement the mission of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Talkitt mobile app will not only improve the quality of life for people with speech disabilities, it will give them equal opportunities in the aspects of employment and social life.