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Food Finder is an Android App designed to keep track of the user’s food inventory. Its notable features include, but are not limited to, a barcode scanner, e-mail sharing of data, and being language-neutral. The target audience is universal, with special emphasis on the elderly.

Food Finder was designed to be simple and straightforward to navigate. The user can add items either by keying them in or by scanning the item bar code; items are organized by location, with tabs for refrigerator, freezer, and pantry, as well as a tab for items that they need. The “share” feature allows users to send grocery lists to relatives and friends via email. Food Finder uses the phone’s keyboard language settings to save food in the user’s native language.

Most food goes to waste quickly and people should be aware of their food stock to avoid overspending at the grocery store. People also constantly forget what food they have and do not have at home. Using Android Studio, we coded Food Finder to enable people to efficiently manage their food stock, thereby increasing productivity in their daily life.