Meagan Mullen

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Conference Proceeding


"Hi! My name is ___ and my pronouns are ___, nice to meet you." Have you heard someone at Pace introduce themselves this way? Did you not understand or know how to respond? That’s okay! It’s helpful to share pronouns to people you haven’t met so they know how to refer to you when you aren’t around, and this is a practice we’ve grown accustomed to at Pace University. This isn’t natural for everyone, so this event is an opportunity to practice sharing your pronouns and using other folks' pronouns in conversation. We will be speed meeting some other students in the community and sharing some fun facts about ourselves while also using pronouns to refer to others. After the activity, we will have a chance to chat about why we should normalize sharing our pronouns and how that can show allyship to the LGBTQ+ community, specifically the trans/nonbinary/gender-nonconforming community. This will also be a great way to get to know folks you haven’t met in the residence hall, so we look forward to meeting you when you come!