Behind the White Box: Exploring the Double Marginalization Behind Multiracial Latinx Identities


Krish Persaud


This event took place October 29, 2021, 12:00 PM-2:00 PM,on Pace University's Pleasantville campus, with virtual participants joining via Zoom.

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This engaging and informative panel presentation will include multiracial Latinx students and community partner, Latino U College Access who will discuss how Latinx identity can often be complex, multidimensional and multifaceted. LAtinx identity is often a combination of ancestral country of origin, indigineous roots, and racial background. Defining race and ethnicity in daily life and often during the simple act of completing a form, questionnaire or application often leads to confusion, misunderstanding, anxiety and double marginalization. Raising awareness of this important issue facing millions in the Latinx community, sharing diverse perspectives, and exploring positive ways in which we as a society can address it are the overarching goals of this presentation. Our intent is to not only to start the conversation but ideally keep it going long beyond the day so that people have an understanding of the many crucial issues facing multi-racial Latinos in terms of their identity, which all too often can impact how they see themselves and present themselves to others.

Active Minds event photo 1.jpg (59 kB)
Five student panelists and the guest speaker stand together and smile while wearing masks

Active Minds event photo 9.jpg (51 kB)
Headshot photo of guest speaker Shirley Acevedo Buontempo

Active Minds event photo 8.jpg (50 kB)
One of the student speakers masked, in front of a screen showing photos of the speakers' families

Active Minds event photo 2.jpg (50 kB)
Two masked individuals, one holding a microphone

Active Minds event photo 3.jpg (113 kB)
Masked attendees at the event

Active Minds event photo 4.jpg (70 kB)
Individual speaking next to a screen showing a clip of the video "Afro-Latina" by Elizabeth Acevedo

Active Minds event photo 5.jpg (75 kB)
Speakers at the event

Active Minds event photo 6.jpg (102 kB)
Masked participants at the event

Active Minds event photo 7.jpg (59 kB)
One of the student speakers masked and holding a microphone

Active Minds event photo 10.jpg (55 kB)
One of the student speakers, masked, looks at their co-presenters

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