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After a brief description of the study participants, the four major questions which guide the research are explored:

  • What percent of the non-profits in the study use KPI’s and what are the different purposes served by the non-profit’s sector adoption of KPI’s?
  • What are the various uses of KPI’S by non-profits?
  • What are the pressures that come from funders to use KPI’s?
  • Why do some non-profits not use Key Performance Indicators?

The context inside of which these questions were posed is one that has changed rapidly over the last several years. For many years non-profit organizations concentrated their considerable energies on meeting the needs of the poor and underserved. Rarely, were they concerned with documenting and measuring the outcomes of their efforts. However, as competition for scarce resources has grown and as non-profits have been under more and more pressure to be accountable, their organizations have moved to satisfy the needs of important funders by becoming more results oriented.



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