ROBERT E HANCOX, Pace University


The bulk of the literature concerning the personnel executive deals with routine activities and excludes consideration of the social forces impacting on the external business environment. Also, the literature chiefly focuses on how to administer the personnel function rather than how to direct the efforts of the personnel function toward contributing more directly to the achievement of corporate objectives.^ This study was undertaken to evaluate the adequacy of the current role of the personnel executive in light of the realities in the changing business environment. In addition, it proposed to define the traditional role of the personnel executive as perceived by the corporation, determine the self-defined role of the personnel executive, and appraise both of these roles in terms of potential for contributing to the achievement of corporate objectives.^ Most of the subjects for the study were personnel executives employed by the 500 largest private employers in the United States as identified by Forbes. Two instruments were used in the collection of data; questionnaires and interviews. These instruments yielded similar information and provided insight into how the respondents received their jobs, the changing nature of their corporate roles, and their interpretation of the changing business environment and the potential impact of external change.^ The study's principal conclusion concerns the inadequacy of the current role of many personnel executives in light of the changing business environment. While many personnel executives acknowledge the changing business environment, they seem to fail to understand its relevance in relation to their corporate roles. Also, most personnel executive roles are defined generally by standards devised by the corporation. As a results, many personnel executives define their roles according to those corporate caveats. Finally, the traditional role of the personnel executive has generally made it difficult for personnel executives to take the responsibility for directing their performance toward contributing to the achievement of corporate results. ^

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Business Administration, General

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ROBERT E HANCOX, "TOMORROW'S PERSONNEL EXECUTIVE: THE EMERGING ROLE" (January 1, 1981). ETD Collection for Pace University. Paper AAI8123133.



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