Author Information

To submit work to the Digital Commons, complete the following steps and email all materials to your campus representative:
NYC: Jennifer Rosenstein,
Pleasantville: Noreen McGuire,
White Plains Law School: Deborah Heller,

  1. Print out and sign the Contributor Agreement form. Return the signed form to Jennifer(NYC) or Noreen(PLV) as a scanned PDF or by mail:

    Note: All authors/contributors must sign an Agreement form. We cannot accept electronic signatures.

  2. Email Jennifer (NYC) or Noreen (PLV) with your materials for submission. Papers/articles may be submitted as a PDF or Word document. The Digital Commons can also support multimedia such as images or PowerPoint presentations.
  3. In the email, include the following information:
    1. All author/ contributor names, professional titles, school and departmental affiliation
    2. Keywords describing the content of the submission
    3. If your work is part of an existing Digital Commons series, such as a thesis for a particular academic program

    Any questions please contact Jennifer Rosenstein, .