This paper was published as a Technical Report (no. 196) for the CSIS (Computer Science and Information Systems)Department, 2003.

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Mobile computing devices are being endowed with ever-increasing functionality. To demonstrate the augmentation of human cognition in an interactive visual recognition task, we reengineered a PC-based system called CAVIAR (Computer Assisted Visual Interactive System) for a handheld computer with camera system. The resulting Interactive Visual System exploits the pattern recognition capabilities of humans and the computational power of a computer to identify flowers based on features that are interactively extracted from an image and submitted for comparison to a species database. While IVS has similar functionality to that of CAVIAR, because it runs on a handheld computer, it offers complete portability for use in the field. We find that the handheld IVS and PC-based CAVIAR systems outperform humans alone both on speed and accuracy and machines alone on accuracy.