This was a poster presentation provided to the Pace University community about Open Educational Resources.

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Open Educational Resources (OER) have the ability to alleviate student drop out rate, make faculty course design easier, allow faculty to contribute and participate in the OER undertaking that is swiftly spreading through our nation. In addition we are able to save our students $2,000 - $3,000 dollars over the course of their education. This work looks at findings from a survey which was sent out to list serves and direct email to faculty. The survey posed questions to try to determine why faculty were having a difficult time accepting and using OER’s in their own classroom. It was discovered that the major issue was trust. 141 respondents felt that OER’s could benefit students, but felt that we have no oversight of the content that is used in the open resources. I propose a method of peer review which helps build the trust of faculty to begin to use more OER’s in their courses.