A Fine-Grained Data Access Permission Authorization Framework for Mobile Systems

Wenyun Dai, Pace University


Smartphones play irreplaceable role in our daily life. When users enjoy the functions, convenience, and efficiency offered by mobile apps, their sensitive and private data are facing potential privacy hazard to be leaked. These data could be shared be among various apps installed on the same smartphone, or even be sent to third-parties without any notification. Furthermore, the permission authorization provided by current mobile operating systems is just coarse-grained. First, the permission authority process is an one-time operation. After authorized of accessing to some data, one app can hold this permission forever theoretically. Then, this process only works on the whole data, not any specific portion of data. In other words, users only can authorize one app to access all data or none. This study focuses on a new framework to provide fine-grained data access permission authorization for mobile systems. The study consist of three main layers: a) Separating mobile data with different privacy level and applying a finer-grained data request in local mobile system; b) Mobile data request and access management framework as the middle layer; c) high performance and efficient cloud storage strategy. We also design and implement a benchmark with some candidate apps to prove the feasibility and performance of our proposed framework.

Subject Area

Computer science

Recommended Citation

Dai, Wenyun, "A Fine-Grained Data Access Permission Authorization Framework for Mobile Systems" (2017). ETD Collection for Pace University. AAI10643212.



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