Personality Predictors of Chronic Readmission in an Adolescent Inpatient Population

Sallyann Storte, Pace University


Increasing psychiatric readmission rates across the country have led researchers in the field to try and determine factors that can predict which individuals are at risk for readmission. While many researchers have focused on demographic, environmental, and diagnostic variables that may contribute to a heightened risk of readmission, there is minimal research examining personality variables as potential influences on readmission. The present study sought to explore personality variables that can differentiate which adolescents are at risk for incurring chronic psychiatric readmissions. Variables from the Rorschach, MMPI-A, and MMPI-A-RF were utilized and selected based on findings from previous research. The sample consisted of 349 adolescents, ages 13-18, who were referred for psychological evaluation in an inpatient hospital setting. Discriminant function analyses were performed using personality variables to predict group membership into single admission or chronic readmission groups. Results indicated that the Schizophrenia Clinical Scale on the MMPI-A, the PHR variable on the Rorschach, the EID Higher Order Scale and Demoralization Restructured Clinical Scale on the MMPI-A-RF were able to differentiate adolescents that are at a higher risk of psychiatric readmission. Results were explored and discussed within the context of school-clinical child psychology. Suggestions for future research were also provided.

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Storte, Sallyann, "Personality Predictors of Chronic Readmission in an Adolescent Inpatient Population" (2018). ETD Collection for Pace University. AAI10836561.



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