Exploring the Influence of Social Interactions on Subjective Vitality: A Daily Diary Study

Kimberly Wizior, Pace University


Self-determination theory (SDT) is a framework of motivation that is concerned with supporting our innate or intrinsic tendencies to behave in effective and healthy ways (Deci & Ryan, 1985). Rooted from SDT, the construct of subjective vitality is commonly referred to as the state of feeling alive and alert – of having energy available to the self (Ryan & Frederick, 1997). Studies have demonstrated how the construct of vitality has been positively associated with other constructs such as self-determination, mental health, and self-esteem, and negatively associated with intrapsychic distress (Ryan & Frederick, 1997). Although research has shown how there has been some overlap between vitality and similar constructs, it is crucial for this concept to be further evaluated and investigated more independently. This study explores the influence of social interactions on subjective vitality using a daily diary methodology. This study investigates covariation between state vitality and general impact and perceived negativity of daily social interactions. Relationships between state vitality and additional state-related variables such as positive and negative affect are also explored. Participants consisted of 59 undergraduate students at a mid-sized university in the northeast United States who have academically majored in the social sciences (must have been enrolled in at least one psychology-related course). Participants were notified about the research study by their professors relaying research information. Participants received daily diary survey material via email over the course of seven consecutive days. Potential implications regarding expected strengths and limitations of this proposed study are examined in the discussion.

Subject Area

Counseling Psychology|Psychology|Mental health

Recommended Citation

Wizior, Kimberly, "Exploring the Influence of Social Interactions on Subjective Vitality: A Daily Diary Study" (2020). ETD Collection for Pace University. AAI28001114.



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