Master of Science in Publishing


Tara Hart


Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Science of Publishing degree at Pace University

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This paper serves to examine the proposed Google Book Settlement by looking at Google, their wholesale scanning project, and the lawsuits brought against Google by authors and publishers. It also looks at current copyright law and the concept of fair use in regards to Google's scanning project and the proposed settlement. The reader will gain an understanding of the terms and conditions surrounding the proposed Google settlement and will see that there are still several areas that still need to be addressed.

Hart Appendix A.pdf (8 kB)
Google Book Settlement Timeline

Hart Appendix B.pdf (62 kB)
Updated Summary Notice: New Opt-Out/Objection Deadline is September 4, 2009

Hart Appendix C.pdf (153 kB)
Supplemental Notice To Authors, Publishers And Other ...

Hart Appendix D.pdf (88 kB)
Timeline of Printing, Publishing, Copyright Law, the Internet, Google ...