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This report examines the performance of the existing suite of energy efficiency efforts run by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority and the state’s investor owned utilities. The latest data shows that through 2014 EEPS program administrators had achieved 79 percent of their to-date savings goals.

The report focuses on the best ways to transition from the EEPS program model to the emerging REV model. Reviewing publicly available information, this analysis takes stock of what the EEPS has achieved and calls for a REV planning and delivery program that builds upon lessons learned from decades of past efforts to achieve self-sustaining efficiency markets. It 1) describes the proposed changes to energy efficiency delivery currently under consideration by the Cuomo Administration, 2) reviews overall EEPS performance through the third quarter of 2014, 3) recommends a framework to serve as the basis for future decision-making, and 4) makes additional recommendations for the future of energy efficiency efforts in New York State.