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Human Trafficking is a multi-billion-dollar industry which is both a domestic and foreign issue for the United States government. The purpose of this paper is to address the issues such as: lack of a centralized task force, lack of funding and an introduction of a new method of investigation which utilizes intelligence to fight human trafficking. The results found through research and interviews with federal agents have shown that a federal task force utilizing federal, state, and local law enforcement along with nongovernmental organizations (NGO’s) and government would have a positive, profound effect against human trafficking. It is recommended that law enforcement fight human trafficking by collecting evidence via intelligence gathering methods and then disseminate the information to the appropriate agencies. This would enable law enforcement to track human trafficking trends as they cycle through the country. With a centralized task force, member agencies would be able to easily access the intelligence databases and communicate with one another. Since human trafficking is a covert crime which moves quickly with high stakes, communication and collaboration are extremely important in order to fight it.