State of the World 2003: The Korean Peninsula


Only the ABSTRACT of this paper is being made available at this time. This paper was originally submitted in 2003.

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: I will focus my research on North and South Korea. Specifically, I will investigate the history of the two countries, concentrating on the implications of the Korean War and the role of the United States and China in that war. I will also look at the current nuclear crisis of North Korea and its direct implications to the Korean peninsula and the world. Also, I will examine the leaders of both countries while also looking at the leaders of the countries who play a direct role in this crisis, namely the United States, China, and Japan. I intend to look at the implications of the US or UN imposed sanctions as a means of disarmament for North Korea, not only for the Korean peninsula, but also for the Asian community at large. Finally, I will begin to examine ways in which the crisis could be resolved in a diplomatic fashion, focusing on the role of the United Nations in this situation and how dialogue between the two countries can result in a peaceful solution.

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