Tourism in the Most Reclusive Country on Earth

Victoria Slade, Honors College, Pace University

Document Type Thesis

Original document was submitted as an honors thesis requirement. Copyright is held by the author.


Tourism In The Most Reclusive Country On Earth explores the tourism growth on the Korea Peninsula through qualitative data to analyze how tourism can be a vehicle in reuniting North and South Korea. Through an extensive literature review, the history of the Korean Peninsula was explored in order to grasp the understanding on why North and South Koreans are so similar yet differ in terms of what type of governance is present in the country. Current social issues in North and South Korea were also explored, along with the advancement of technology. These points were considered in order to show how Korea can become one again as tourism increases in both the North and South, and as the interactions between citizens from each country increases.

This study explores the opportunity for tourism in North Korea and how inbound tourism in the country can increase the interaction between South and North Korea through a two track system. It also considers present day technological, social, and political changes that are occurring in both countries, as these factors will escalate when the two countries will unite.

This paper is advantageous to the tourism industry as it assesses the potential for North Korean tourism which supports the thesis on how and when South and North Korea will reunite.