User Identification System (UIS) Module for Personal Virtual Assistant

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For most successful professionals, everyday business life is already extremely busy. We decided to research a solution for some of the overload fo the individual's schedule with unnecessary trivial daily tasks that do not require their own expertise. Instead of passing all the tasks that the supervisor isn't required to perform personally on to an administrative assistant so that they will have more time to concentrate on the more important things, the Personal Virtual Assistant (PVA) is an innovative, inexpensive, and reliable virtual secretary. The foundation for this project came from research previously conducted in computer vision. The system offers communication and other solutions to users. This system can be implemented in various fields. Current prototype has the basic working functionality and allows expanding it further to achieve even better results.

Information about the Student Author

Class of 2004, Major: Computer Science

Summary of Research Experience

This project is a result of collaborative help and support of various people. I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to Pace University for being a student in this institution during my performance of this project. My greatest thanks to Dr. Dennis Anderson who was my supervisor during this project and whose idea I tried to implement. This project couln't have been done without his support, guidance, and direction. I would like to thank President David Caputo, Dr. Beverly Kahn, and the Eugene M. Lang Foundation for the financial support for this project through the Eugene M. Lang Student Faculty Research Presidential Grant. Special thanks to Dr. Anthony Joseph who agreed to review my paper and offered many valuable comments and suggestions. Without Dr. Joseph's support, this paper would not have been able to exist and his contribution is very significant. Many thanks to Dr. William Offut who approved this paper to be an Honors thesis. Last but not least, thanks to Dean Louise Kleinbaum for her support and to several other people not mentioned here, but whose help is very much appreciated.

Dissemination of Results

The results of my Research were included in my Undergraduate Honors Thesis under the supervision of Dr. Dennis Anderson. In addition, the research was presented at the "Partnership in Collaborative Learning" Faculty Development Conference at Pace along with other outstanding research projects performed by undergraduate students. As an outcome of the resarch entitled "Personal Virtual Assistant" a prototype of the system was created, and the decision was made to make the source code available as an open source so that other students will be able to continue performing resarch in this field utilizing knowledge that was gained from our research. In addition, a combination of interesting technologies and modern programming tools allows current research to be continued and enhanced.

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Dennis Anderson, Associate Dean, Information Systems

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