S.J.D. dissertation

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This dissertation addresses the critical relationship between the tourism sector and sustainable development, examining global trends and the problems they raise, exploring the current set of solutions being implemented, and offering some new ideas for better managing the relationship. Among these, the most important and comprehensive is the “Climate and Sustainable Tourism Model” a framework developed to encapsulate many of the issues explored in this dissertation and offering insights for policy makers seeking to develop better solutions. Moreover, this dissertation acknowledges the continuing importance of market-based solutions for harmonizing the development of the tourism sector with the demands of sustainability. Likewise, it offers the “Development Cycle Model for Sustainable Ecotourism” and the “Environmental Impact Assessment Model for Community-Based Ecotourism Development,” each of which diagrams complex dynamics that can offer better outcomes if understood and managed correctly. For a variety of reasons, this dissertation concludes by offering suggestions for how the Kingdom of Thailand and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, which rely heavily on tourism, can adopt these innovative ideas and reap considerable rewards.