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This Article will explore the twin interests of responding to climate change and preserving accessible and affordable housing. Part II will give a broad overview of the scientists' climate change predictions. Part III will discuss what these predictions portend for populations, housing, and communities. Part IV will describe the broad responses that the federal, state, and local governments are making to climate change to create communities that are thriving and resilient. Part V discusses the efficacy of these responses and their potential impact on the poor, housing, and communities. Part VI looks for parallels between the resilient cities movement and the urban revitalization programs of the past to see if there are lessons that should be heeded and discusses ways to mediate the intersection of what should be parallel interests-- resiliency and community. In Part VII, I suggest that climate change will force new conceptions of what it means to own property and what it means to govern democratically. In conclusion, this Article offers some prescriptions for going forward.