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This Guide is written as a sequel to the 2007 UN Environment Programme Handbook for Legal Draftsmen on Environmentally Sound Management of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Resources.

This Guide, as the Handbook, is written in response to needs expressed, particularly by energy efficiency and renewable energy project initiators, government officials, energy managers, project developers and particularly developing country energy legal draftsmen, asking for assistance in drafting legislative provisions for promotion and implementation of sound energy efficiency and renewable energy programs.

The Guide describes the key legal issues associated with efficiency and renewable energy resource development, and presents legislative options from both developed and developing countries for dealing with them, including sample excerpts from legislation. A new section is included describing available mechanisms for financing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Another section has been added providing case studies analysing the laws of a variety of countries, namely from Colombia, the Philippines, Pakistan, South Africa, Ghana and Korea.

The Guide is designed to be user-friendly. Accordingly, it has been written as a stand-alone document, not requiring back and forth reference between the Guide and the Handbook. As was stated in the Handbook, “the focus here is on national legislation, but encompasses national constitutional provisions, regulations and state and local laws where they are the key determinants of the promotion of efficiency and renewable resources. Emphasis is placed on adaptation to local country needs and conditions.”

The Guide is divided into seven sections. Section One, Issues of General Application, contains legislative information on issues pertinent to all energy efficiency and renewable energy applications. Section Two, Energy Options, describes the choices to made evaluating energy efficiency and renewable energy in the context of the other available energy resources. Section Three, Project Financing, describes a range of financing methods and resources that have been used successfully.