Transcript of panel discussion, part of special program presented on April 8, 1999 by Pace Law School and Albert Einstein College of Medicine, entitled Playing the Psychiatric Odds: Can We Protect the Public by Predicting Dangerousness. Panelists included Adele Bernhard, Vanessa Merton, Henry J. Steadman, and Scott Rogge.

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One question is: why should an employer have any duty to intervene, respond, or warn when an employee is deemed “dangerous”? What expertise in making these predictions can your average business manager bring to the table? As lawyers we tend never to look at law that is more than a week old. Similarly, scientists prefer not to rely on science that is more than a few months old. Yet, here is an article written almost 20 years ago when I was a young Associate for Law at the Hastings Center for a symposium honoring the great forensic psychiatrist Dr. Jonas Robitscher, whom I had the pleasure of working with there.

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