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I have been privileged to hear, enjoy and learn from the talks of each of our Garrison Lecturers during the last eight years, as well as our discussions with them here today. In preparation for my duties as a summarizer, I studied their talks, printed in our Pace Environmental Law Review. I was delighted to find that the body of their commentary is far more than the sum of its parts. Together our lecturers take us on a grand journey through the history of modern environmental law, its heroes and villains, its accomplishments and its weaknesses. Together they sound all the grand themes of environmental law. Together they remind us where we have been and where we must go. It is no surprise their talks have been edifying and provocative, after all, they are preeminent environmental law scholars and environmental law actors of the first order. I suppose it should not have surprised me to see how much more weight their talks carried in the aggregate than separately, for environmental law is not the product of a few individuals, but of many environmental lawyers working in concert across the country and in successive decades. It continues to develop as a product of what is now a small army of environmental lawyers, many of them students of our lecturers and of our program here at Pace Law School.