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This article details an interdisciplinary collaboration between the Securities Arbitration Clinic at Pace Law School (“SAC”) and the graduate program at Pace University's Lubin School of Business, designed and initiated by the authors. The purpose of the collaboration is to provide a co-curricular learning experience to both J.D. and graduate business students1 while enhancing the pro bono legal services delivered by SAC to its clients. Part I of this article details the history of SAC before the authors initiated the collaboration, and the reasons SAC needed financial expertise. Part II of this article describes models of interdisciplinary collaboration, particularly between law and business degree programs, that the authors explored and considered before designing their own model. Part III explains the collaborative model adopted by SAC, and identifies the goals, benefits and limits of the chosen model. Finally, in Part IV, the authors offer guidance for other schools considering a similar collaboration. Part IV also illustrates how the authors' model meets the multiple needs of clients, law students and graduate business students.