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This Article proposes a three-part approach to improve the food supply. Specifically, it explores government taxing and spending, two traditional public health tools, and suggests that both of these governmental powers can be used to make healthier foods more readily reasonable prices, while increasing the cost of less healthy alternatives. Finally, it proposes that we promote a true “food democracy” through the creation of an education and awareness campaign. This campaign would not only better educate Americans about proper nutrition but would also focus on how we can change our entire relationship with food. It would encourage consumption of locally grown whole foods and sensitize individuals to the need for sustainable agriculture. It would also address the benefits of taking the time for balanced, sit-down meals rather than eating on the run. Part II of this Article outlines the problem of obesity in America. Part III explores the current state of our food supply. Part IV proposes the implementation of 1) taxing, 2) spending, and 3) educational and awareness modifications to improve the food supply and to begin to shift our consciousness surrounding food.