Prospective Members

Prospective Members

What does PIPSELF stand for?

Pace Intellectual Property, Sports & Entertainment Law Forum. It is also interchangeably referred to as “PIPSELF” or “The Forum”.

What is PIPSELF?

PIPSELF is Pace Law School's first online publication dedicated to the open discussion of emerging legal issues in the Intellectual Property, Sports and Entertainment law fields. The Forum prides itself on integrity, creativity, collaboration and the free exchange of ideas between students, practitioners, professionals and academia alike.

How long has PIPSELF been around for?

PIPSELF was created in the Fall of 2010, however, PIPSELF’s first issue was released during the Spring of 2011.

Is PIPSELF a law review?

While PIPSELF is similar to a law review or legal journal, it is actually an online law forum. PIPSELF is similar to the other law reviews at Pace Law School, in that PIPSELF adheres to the most recent edition of the bluebook, publishes a limited selection of legal writings produced by both legal practitioners and law students at Pace Law School, and requires all potential future members to go through a highly selective application process. PIPSELF is ultimately different from a law review in that it is currently only available online.

Is there a printed edition of PIPSELF?

As of the Spring of 2011, PIPSELF’s issues are only available online at: http://digitalcommons.pace.edu/pipself/.

Can I get academic credit if I am selected to me a member of PIPSELF?

Currently, members of PIPSELF are not eligible to receive academic credit from Pace Law School for their involvement and work with PIPSELF. However, we are currently in the process of petitioning for recognition to receive academic credit in exchange for participation with PIPSELF. Updates are to be provided regarding this issue.

I am interested in applying to be a part of PIPSELF for the 2014-2015 academic year, how can I apply?

Applications will be made available shortly for the next academic year. There is no GPA requirement to apply to PIPSELF. However, we do require that you submit an unofficial copy of your most recent transcript. Sign up for our TWEN page Law Forum--PIPSELF Write-On Application.