Volume 2, Issue 1 (2012) Spring 2012

Welcome to the Forum. The Forum is Pace Law School's first online publication dedicated to the discussion of emerging legal issues in the Intellectual Property, Sports and Entertainment law fields. The Forum promotes integrity, creativity, collaboration and the free exchange of ideas between students, practitioners, professionals and academia alike. We are proud to announce the publication of our second volume more than double the size of our first. Explore the volume’s wide range of topics touching on Trade Dress and Trademarks, ICE seizures, the Creative Commons license, major cases Mattel, Inc. v. MGA Entertainment, Inc and Deutscher Tennis Bund v. ATP World Tour and focusing on a few of the several issues that arise in sports law in the United States and abroad.

We encourage you to read more and view the articles from our inaugural volume last year discussing the DMCA, Choreography Rights, Employment Law, Fashion Law, and the ever-elusive Trade Secret Law.



Football v. Football: A Comparison of Agent Regulation in France’s Ligue 1 and the National Football League
Thomas A. Baker III, Darren A. Heitner, Jean Francois Brocard, and Kevin K. Byon


American Needle’s Progeny? Tennis and Antitrust
Ryan M. Rodenberg and Daniel Hauptman


Sports in America
John D. Feerick

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Additionally, the Pace I.P., Sports & Entertainment Law Forum was recently credited in in the Villanova Sports & Entertainment Law Journal for helping with the article The Limited Protections of Intellectual Property Law for the Variety Arts: Protecting Zacchini, Houdini, and Cirque du Soleil, by Sara J. Crasson. If you are interested in reading Sara Crasson's article visit the Journal's Recent Publication page.