Pace Law Review, edited by students at Pace Law School, is devoted to the study and publication of scholarly materials of professional legal interest. Each issue contains articles by professors, practitioners, and judges, as well as student notes and comments, on specific issues in law, recent decisions, and current legislation.

Current Issue: Volume 41, Issue 2 (2021)


2020 – 2021 Board

Lauren Schnoebelen
Managing Editor
Ross M. Keiser
Executive Productions Editors
Hayley B. Cohen
Noah C. Hale
Christopher Walker
Executive Acquisitions Editor
Grace MacPhail Mneimneh
Articles Group Editors
Daniel J. Alvarez
Matthew Cunha
Laura Schwartz
Phil Tullo
Case Note & Comment Editors
Andie Altichiler
Caitlyn DeGennaro
Executive Promotions Editor
Sandhya Prashad
Senior Members
Emily Bentley
Cheryl Clemens
Megan McDonough
Guillermo Pujals
Matthew Watson
Associate Members
Jillian Anzalone
Arjana Balaj
Diana Balaj
Katherine M. Boyd
Natalie Burke
Lia Crutchfield
Kelly Dornan
Cheyanna Fuchs
Amanda Fugel
Erin G. Gisolfi
Alina Gluzman
Justin Gottuso
Kimberly Green
Amanda E. Healy
Samantha Kelly
Christopher Martorello
Nechelle Nicholas
Mike O'Malley
Liam Thau
Adam Thomas
Kseniya Zilberman
Faculty Advisors
Noa Ben-Asher
Leslie Y. Garfield Tenzer