The lawsuit, Spielman v. IMG College, arose when Ohio State University (“OSU”) entered into a marketing deal through their marketing agency, IMG College (“IMG”), with corporations Honda Motor Co. (“Honda”) and Nike USA Inc. (“Nike”), to hang banners depicting images of former college athletes at school sporting events. Charles “Chris” Spielman, the named Plaintiff and former NCAA football player at OSU, brought this lawsuit because he claims that OSU and IMG unreasonably and illegally restrained trade by denying him the right to profit from his name, image, and likeness.

This case plays a role in the ongoing conversation of whether NCAA athletes should be able to receive monetary compensation for their contributions to amateur athletics. Spielman alleges in his Complaint that the actions of OSU and IMG are contrary to a decision in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which held that the NCAA’s compensation rules were subject to antitrust scrutiny. A decision in this case has the potential to have a major effect on the current form of the NCAA.