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Mary Tracy

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The efficiency-driven economy of Turkey is growing at a very fast rate, but not yet considered to be at an innovative stage. One way of getting there is having a high presence of entrepreneurship. The aim of this research is to show that with improvements in the procedures to start a business and developments within the financial sector, Turkey will abound with entrepreneurial activity. The study first defines entrepreneurship and its relationship with society and the economy. Next, the report provides a summary of the process of entrepreneurship, its barriers to entry, its necessities, and its outcomes. From this, the research seeks to evaluate if Turkey is able to support a high volume of successful entrepreneurs. The research data is predominantly from GEM, OECD, Central Bank of Turkey, and the World Bank. Throughout the analysis, the report compares Turkish entrepreneurship with that of the US, Iran, and Hungary. The findings show that based on the attitudes of Turkey’s population and the growing rate of entrepreneurship, there is a high potential for entrepreneurial opportunities and advancement.



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