Established in 1982, the Pace Environmental Law Review (PELR) was one of the first scholarly journals established in the then new field of environmental law. Edited by JD candidates, PELR provides Pace students with a challenging opportunity to develop scholarly commentary and analysis of environmental law issues. PELR's rigorous training in legal research, writing and editing is an important enrichment of Pace's JD curriculum, while serving as a forum for the publication of original legal research by Pace JD and LLM candidates.

Current Issue: Volume 31, Issue 3 (2014) Summer 2014



Innovations in Energy and Climate Policy: Lessons from Vermont
Benjamin K. Sovacool, Alex Gilbert, and Brian Thomson


2013 - 2014 Editorial Board

Steven E. Gavin
Managing Editor
John Bowie
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Kimberly Allan Pierce Cortes
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Nicole Sasaki
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Ashley E. White
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