Report on Chinese Heritage Culture and Language Learning

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Submittted to the Digital Commons, Cornerstone 2 of Thinkfinity Series on January 5, 2009 and posted on January 21, 2009. Professor Xiao-lei Wang is supervising professor for this project. A website in Chinese designed for parents and teachers who intend to teach Chinese to their children/students is available here. The focus of this website is on teaching Chinese through traditional Chinese holidays. An Additional Power Point has been added on January 6th, 2010, please see Additional Files for more information.


This is a report/update on the School of Education project creating a website in Chinese on traditional Chinese holidays. It also includes other learning resources all listed in Chinese.

This is a short report. Please check Supplemental or Related file(s) for the body of the short report.

Chinese Heritage Project _Year 2_C2_December 2008 End Report-v2.doc (38 kB)
Chinese Heritage Project _Year 2_C2_December 2008 End Report-v2.doc

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