Digital Humanities and Computer-mediated Instruction in Slavic Studies

Andriy Danylenko, Pace University
Ronald Frank, Pace University

Document Type Report

This is a preliminary report submitted in response to a request for information in conjunction with the application by the investigators for a second-phase grant for 2012. The project described below is currently in its final stage


(i) Development of a secure, pass-protected website with the following two sections: (a) preparation of searchable text resources: scanning, converting PDF-files into Word format and vice versa, of primary and secondary sources, excerpts from historical records, chronicles, etc.; search and integration of linked data; (b) digitalization of images: slides, scanned pictures, personal or copyright protected photos of cultural artifacts, geographical places, etc.

(ii) Creation of a digital (interactive) atlas, and

(iii) Creation of the Assessment Toolkit.