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Over the past ten years, an evolution in technology has lead to media distribution taking on various forms. Books have become kindles, magazines have created e-zines and newspapers have become websites, which update multiple times per day. In the age of the Internet, these mediums have become interactive through surveys, posts and blogs, which allow the readers to participate and add value to both the content as well as give feedback about the demographic. However, it can be difficult to maintain a reader’s attention and the interest of advertisers due to the vast amount of information available almost anywhere. In order for the publications to have a better sense of control, specifically in terms of bridal magazines, a bride’s source of inspiration and creativity is commonly derived from wedding magazines. Since bridal blogs now provide a place where women can share with one another everything from details of their engagement to ideas and advice with instant feedback, magazines have to figure out the best way to adapt. This change means that magazines are now using information that these blogs offer in terms of inspiration and trend spotting to include in their issues.

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