Dyson College- Seidenberg School of CSIS : Collaborative Projects and Presentations


This series provides only a bibliographic description of the researches or studies under consideration.

Document uploaded is the full quad chart as submitted.

Principal Investigator
Dr. JaimeLee Rizzo, Pace University

Current Students

Christina Rivera
Amy Parikh
Herby Jeanty
Eric Nelson


Robert Engel, Queens College, CUNY Karin Melkonian, CW Post, LIU Geoffrey Abbott, Weill Cornell Medical College Johnson & Johnson Nigel Yarlett, Pace University D. Athanasopoulos, Pace University

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This entry adheres to the use of the quad chart template to provide a succint description only of the current research project undertaken by the participants. It provides for the following information

1. Participants and Affiliations
2. Overall Project Goals
3. Illustrative Picture
4. Specific research/artistic/pedagogic foci

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