Jian Ke
Qi Gao


China shares borders with fourteen countries and has many international rivers. In most cases, China is an upstream state. Over the past years, increasing international disputes concerning international rivers have occurred between China and other riparian states, such as China’s dam construction on the upper Mekong River and the Songhua River pollution accident. In particular, with the ongoing dam construction on the upstream of Mekong in China, its potential environmental impact on the other Mekong countries is highly profiled. At the time of writing, five dams are already completed and two are in the final stage of construction or getting formal approval. In response to environmental problems, particularly the controversial issue of Mekong mainstream dam construction, this paper will take a procedural perspective and focus on developing the mechanism of transboundary environmental impact assessment (TEIA) in the MRB. Specifically, issues like the significance of establishing TEIA and how to tailor and comprehend TEIA in the MRB context will be addressed in detail.