Issa Al-Aweel


The Central Middle East—comprising of Syria, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, and Jordan—is in need of a legal foundation defined by a constitutional umbrella that governs it as a whole. This is a proposed broad structure of such legal foundation that serves regional legal and economic needs and includes recognition of human rights.

The need for such restructuring is evident from the persistence of regional conflict and instability. Conflict and instability have been constants in the region in general and certainly in the listed five states. The issues include political instability, terrorism, continuous threats of fundamentalism, and pervasive disregard to human life and human rights. Israel has had strife with all the four neighboring peoples and states. Meanwhile, political instability either reigns or undermines each of these neighboring states. This article does not attempt to argue the correctness or fairness of what manifested in the first half of the 20th century; it does, however, argue that the political structure and how it continues to be is part of the reason for the conflicts and the instability.

This Article presents federalism for the five states as the necessary political structure and legal foundation, as the one option that allows the five states to co-exist, to recognize human rights as we define them today, and to allow for economic and cultural growth. This Article also argues that such a structure must begin from within, with the support of the great and global powers including the United States and Russia.