Volume 38, Issue 3 (2018) Symposium Edition 2018

Public Corruption Prosecution After McDonnell

The landmark case McDonnell v. United States, 136 S. Ct. 2355 (2016), altered the legal landscape in which federal and state prosecutors can pursue public corruption prosecutions. This symposium, held at Elisabeth Haub School of Law on March 9, 2018, brought together law enforcement, practitioners, academics, and media to gain insight from these disparate groups.

Conference Proceedings


Mimi Rocah


Samantha Conway, David Diab, Amanda Fiorilla, and Eric Grossfeld


How Should Congress Respond to McDonnell?
David Yassky, Kathleen Clark, Allen Dickerson, and Jennifer Rodgers


Special Problems for Prosecutors in Public Corruption Prosecutions
Mimi Rocah, Carrie Cohen, Steve Cohen, Daniel Cort, and Bennett L. Gershman

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